Bloody tears of former Yugoslavia

Bloody tears of former Yugoslavia

This summer, I am traveling to beautiful Croatia and Bosna and Hercegovina to remind people one of saddest part of European modern history. Just two decades ago, in my lifetime, just few hundred kilometers from my home, after long period of peace, Europe added another bloody chapter to its history: The Yugoslavia civil war.

In uncertain times we live now, with raise of nationalism across Europe, with raising terror in our streets, with hundreds thousand people coming to Europe from third world countries every year, I feel it is very important to remind people what happened in front of our doorstep just 25 years ago. People tend to forget history and history tends to repeat itself. If we don’t learn from our past, we are doomed to live it again.

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 1992
Vukovar, Croatia, 1991
Bijeljina, Bosnia, 1992

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  1. Hello Štefan.
    I saw your post on facebook, and I will be following your blog, I was intrigued and interested in your post and share a similar view to what you referred to ‘9-5 boredom’.

    Hopefully I can gain some inspiration from keeping an eye on your work.

    All the best, Liam – (U.K.)

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